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Mesopartner Summer Academy 2018

It’s been a month now since I had the privilege to attend Mesopartner Summer Academy 2018 (MSA) in Berlin, together with my colleges from Eda and from Ministries related to SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  It was my second MSA, since I also attended the one organized in 2016 (dedicated to Green Economy).

MSA is a 5-days event in Berlin organized by a group of brilliant lecturers (and practitioners) from Mesopartner, which also means from all over the world. Topics change on yearly basis, but some of main approaches stay every year, like Systemic Competitiveness, Complexity or stress on meso level/supporting organizations in local economic development. Besides cutting edge knowledge and tools for practitioners on economy-related matters, it’s also an example how such an event should be organized and moderated: A lot of knowledge shared, using good moderation and lecturing tools, in a great environment with just right amount of sightseeing and relaxation moments. This year, main topic was Role of the meso organizations in local economic development, and you can read it all in the Annual Reflection 2018. One of my favorite tools this year was Product Space.

MSA is organized in Berlin. It’s, together with Istanbul, the most impressive European city I’ve been to. It was introduced to us as a city of transformation, and in my experience that introduction was on point. It’s striking how interesting and unique, while at the same time relaxing Berlin is – both during the day and during the night. You can  experience it’s unique urban vibe quickly upon arrival. It’s a fantastic mixture of different architectural styles, that enable you to feel it’s rich, hard, sad and glorious history unified in new liberal values that attract foreigners to return to Berlin. Contrary to the general belief that Germans are boring and reserved, I’ve experienced Berliners as humorous and relaxed. I recommend renting a bike as a way to get to know the city.

By the way, did you know that Berlin is soon-to-be biggest EU city, after England brexits the EU?


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