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Using IT tools to adapt to new circumstances

We are witnessing the closure of many businesses and cancelation of activities and events due to the Covid-19 pandemic to prevent physical contact and virus spread. Where applicable, activities are shifting online and people are starting to work and collaborate from home. We have an opportunity to see how quickly the world can change. For …

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Expensive real estates in Banja Luka are pushing young people to emigrate

Young people are leaving B&H, it’s a fact. There are several economy related reasons. But there are also reasons not directly related to economy. One of them, in┬ámy city (Banja Luka), is price of real estates. For example, in Paris you would need 1,3 average salaries to buy 1 square meter of a real estate, …


Experts’ phrase diary is blurring the image

After few years of participating in and organizing workshops, it seems to me there is a problem with experts’ phrase diary in communication. A number of phrases, words and formulations that are often used to describe something by experts and consultants. There are plenty of those in, for example, strategic plans. The fact that experts …